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Welcome to Hygiene Plus - BIOCIDE website.

Hygiene Plus is a Public Health and
Household insecticide and rat poison manufacturer.
Our main products:
1) Insecticide:
- Public Health insecticides for flying and crawling insects in EC and Dust
-Household insecticides (Ready To Use)

2) Rodenticides Baits:
- CracK Rodent Plus
Brodifacoum 0.005% wax block, Whole Wheat, Crushed Cereals
- CracK Rodent
Bromadiolone 0.005% wax block, Whole Wheat, Crushed Cereals
- CracK Rodent Neo
Difenacoum 0.005% wax block, whole Wheat, Crushed Cereals
Other Active ingredients could also be formulated
Other food base could be changed for each country specification

3) ULTRASONIC and SONIC pest repellers
We are a reseller and installer of BIRD-X products

4) Pest control Materials
- PP bait boxes
- Carton Bait Boxes
- Insecticide Pulverizes
- Glue and Electric Fly catcher and killer
- Micro doser gel gun
- Pest repellers,.. .

5) Pest Control Services
We have been in pest control services since 2008

We are regularly Selling: crack rodent plus brodifacoum rat baits, crack mb plus brodifacoum mother liquid, crack mb bromadiolone mother liquid, crack rodent bromodialone bait, twinda ant dust, scorpio scorpion dust, run away snake snake repeller, cat dog out ready to use repeller, ultrason x ultrasonic bird repeller.

We are regularly Buying: rodenticide active ingredients, insecticide active ingredients, electric fly killers, cat and dog scarers, bird scarers, insecticide pulverizers, glue boards, rat bait boxes, gel guns.

Main Business Activities
Chemicals - Pesticides
Home Supplies - Pet & Products

Our Products
CracK Rodent  40/70/70W - Rat Bait BROMADIOLONE 0.005% Wax Block
CracK Rodent Plus Rat Bait - BRODIFACOUM 0.005 % Wax Block
Rat Bait Boxes
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Hygiene Plus - BIOCIDE


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